The Dream Continues…

The rototilling is complete, the paths are covered with wood chips, and many plants are in!

I made the garden in a hexagonal shape to duplicate a cell in the comb of a beehive. The hexagon is a sacred shape. It’s the most efficient shape to place rounded objects (like comb cells) next to each other in order to utilize all space in any given area. Those little bees are geniuses!


I included 3 intersecting paths. At the point of the intersection I will place my mother’s sundial on a proper pedestal as soon as I find the perfect one.

She passed almost 2 years ago, her garden being one of the few sources of pleasure for her. In her final days she loved to sit peacefully in her backyard gazing at her plants and the wild birds.

My mother loved to garden and she could grow plants in her yard in Novato, CA that were mostly found on the hillsides in her homeland, Bavaria, like edelweiss, her favorite. She also loved her sundial and by placing it at my garden’s center, a little of her energy will always be radiating outward, covering my plants and bees.


I also made, what I refer to as my “dancing trellis” from pruned walnut tree branches. The twisted branches appear to be dancing, hence the name. I planted green beans near the four legs, so they could climb over it this year.


I have also designed a new hive,which I call my “Living Piece of Art”. It’s made of a wicker basket, some cow dung, swamp cooler wooden excelsior filter and palm leaves. I collected a swarm last weekend and they are doing very nicely inside already.

From this:


To this: in about 4 hours and for $4!


I want to thank Mama Longhorn and her friends for supplying the insulation coating!


Here is the almost fully coated hamper.


There is so much more to accomplish where I live, and each day brings  me great joy and wonder when I see how nature continues to grow and flourish even under what we would consider to be unacceptable, uninhabitable conditions.

Another reason I “Thank Nature” every day!


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