Hex Hives are now available!

The new patent pending Hex Hive ™ is here!

Completely assembled. Just add bees!

Each custom built Hex Hive™ is a sculptural
piece of garden art as well as a functional bee

The Hex Hive™ system comes complete with a
Screened Bottom Box, Brood Chamber Super
filled with frames, three Honey Supers filled
with frames and the combination Ventilated
Inner Cover and Peaked Roof.

All the components stack neatly on top of one
another and the roof fits snugly on top.

My inspiration for the Hex Hive™ came from
asking myself, “What kind of hive could I
make that would be close to a natural, wild hive
usually found in a cylindrical tree branch?”

The inspirational design of the Hex Hive™
also duplicates the shape of the cell in the comb
the bees build for themselves.

To purchase go to: HexHive.org


20 Responses to Hex Hives are now available!

  1. Kathleen says:

    I’d love to see a picture of the insides.

  2. buckwhite says:

    Added your hive to the site with a link to you. Nice job, but pricey.

  3. samuel fulton says:

    I would really like to have one of these hex hives in my possession.. If possible leave a location as to where to purchase one or two..

  4. William Lummis, Jr says:

    Hi Randy, thanks for the Hives they arrived a few days ago.I would like to know what plants are best for my garden and the bee’s. Is there a referance that I can find on the interenet? Also is it best to start with all the boxes stacked at once or as the hive grows? I will check to see if there is a video that I can use as a guide. Bee talking with you soon as the season approaches down here in Ingram,Texas- William

    • randysue says:

      Hi William,
      It’s best to start with the bottom screened box and the super containing the frames marked “3”. These are the bottomless frames. As soon as the bees build the comb on these frames, add the next super on top. There should be an instructions sheet in one of the packages. I hope it is easy to understand.
      Also there are plant lists all over the internet. Here are a couple of sites you can check out. The bees love clumps of the same plants together. So plant a lot of the same thing where you can. http://nature.berkeley.edu/urbanbeegardens/list.html http://www.beewatchers.com/summer.html
      Hope this helps! Talk soon!

  5. Andres Godinez says:

    How much for that bee hex hive?

  6. Ty says:

    cancel my comments i found the info by reading previous comments sorry

  7. Al Coder says:

    Please send total cost for a complete hive, thank you.

  8. i’m concerned about the bees building wax comb on the sides where the frames are not occupying the space which would also leave a large airspace for cold air in the winter

  9. Bill says:

    How do you order, could not find an order form or specs on the hive

  10. John Wayne Dobson says:

    where can you purchase a hex hive and about how much are they?

  11. Ronna says:

    could we visit? we’re in Napa and live in Carmel Valley. We’d love to add a hex hive to our collection!

    • randysue says:

      Hi Ronna, Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately Hex Hive sales have been indefinitely suspended. I will keep your contact info and contact you should we start selling again.

  12. Bee keeper says:

    Any plains for the DIY’er

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