Don’t Despair!

A friend called me the other day very upset because she thought her hive died out.

It’s been very cold here in Northern California – even during the days.

I advised her not to open the lid to take a look even though she hadn’t seen any activity for awhile. I told her not to despair, she may be surprised.

Well sure enough, she called me today.  She was ecstatic to report that lots of bees were coming and going, carrying large amounts of bright orange and yellow pollen in the pollen baskets on their back legs. A good sign there’s a laying queen inside!

So if it’s the middle of winter and you don’t see any activity in your hive, don’t despair! Wait for a warm day and watch your landing boards. The bees know how to take care of themselves. And sometimes that means they stay indoors, cluster together and stay warm! We can all learn a lesson here.  🙂

This is also a good example of why it’s helpful to have at least two hives. You can compare them, especially in times like these.

Happy Beekeeping!


One Response to Don’t Despair!

  1. beediligent says:

    Something like that happened to our neighbors bees. In the middle of winter the hive quieted down and you couldn’t hear a sound from them. I guessed they must have died during the winter. Just recently the hive started buzzing again and foraging for food. What a surprise!

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